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'300' Star to 'Escape from New York'

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Article Date: March 13, 2007 | Publication: ETOnline | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

'300' star Gerard Butler may play Snake Plissken in a remake of 'Escape from New York.'

Newly minted action hero Gerard Butler may step into Kurt Russell's boots; Eddie Murphy plays a gunslinger; Naomi Watts talks to the animals and more in ET Movie News!
GERARD BUTLER, red-hot off of his sword-and-sandals epic '300,' is looking to star in a remake of JOHN CARPENTER's apocalyptic 1981 classic, 'Escape from New York,' according to Daily Variety. '300' smashed box office records in its opening weekend with a $70 million bow, the highest-grossing March debut in history, and now Butler is a hot property as Hollywood's next potential action hero.

Butler, who also played the title role of 'ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER's The Phantom of the Opera,' will try on KURT RUSSELL's eyepatch and cammies as Snake Plissken, the anti-hero tasked with saving the downed U.S. President from the futuristic streets of Manhattan, now a maximum security prison. 'Black Hawk Down' screenwriter KEN NOLAN will write the screenplay for the project, and there's no word yet on whether or not JOHN CARPENTER will be involved.


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