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More Glory Planned for '300' DVD

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Article Date: March 14, 2007 | Publication: Home Media Magazine | Author: Fred Topel

Posted by: DaisyMay

More Glory Planned For '300' DVD
Posted: March 13, 2007
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A $70 million opening weekend for Warner Bros.’s 300 showed that fans aren’t waiting for the DVD to see the visual spectacle, but director Zack Snyder hopes to entice them with deleted scenes and an ode to graphic novelist Frank Miller.

Snyder shot the film, based on the graphic novel by Miller, on a blue-screen stage and created the environments with computer graphics. This allowed him to capture some of Miller’s outrageous images that simply do not exist on any earthbound location. One sequence, however, proved so extreme that the only place for it may be as a DVD extra.

“It’s these giants with these midget archers on their backs,” Snyder said. “They just got so outrageous that when I looked at it I thought, ‘This is from another movie.’ It was crazy.”

The footage may be slightly incomplete, but fans will get the idea of how far Snyder would have gone had he put the scene in the film.

“It’s like 90%, but it’s pretty cool,” he said. “The [giants] have no arms. Their arms have been hacked off. They have these little sort of elf looking guys in these kind of wicker baskets on their backs. They’re firing arrows and then the Spartan comes and hacks the leg off it. It falls and they leap off and stab the little elf.”

There are few other deleted scenes because Snyder included almost everything from Miller’s graphic novel. “There are a few Ephialtes scenes we took out when we first see him, and he’s looking down on the Persians,” Snyder said. “It’s just straight out of the graphic novel. You can look at the graphic novel, and those are the two scenes that aren’t in it. But we shot them.”

To emphasize the influence of Frank Miller, Snyder hopes to include an interactive feature that gives credit to Miller’s art as the movie plays.

“You would actually see the Frank frame [within the movie screen],” he said. “Whenever it’s the same as the movie, you would see that frame in the corner, and you could click on that.”


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