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Epic war movie 300 makes UK debut

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Article Date: March 16, 2007 | Publication: BBC News | Author: Editors

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Stars of the epic movie 300 have turned out for its UK premiere in London's Leicester Square.

The films depicts a small group of Spartan soldiers holding off a huge Persian army which has invaded Greece.

Gerard Butler, who plays king Leonidas, was accompanied by Lena Headey who plays Queen Gorgo. The cast were met by a group dressed as Spartan warriors.

The film has been called "psychological warfare" by Iranian authorities, but it has broken US box office records.

'Big and risky'

Glasgow-born Butler, 37, said: "I used a lot of the Scotsman in my role because there is a great similarity in what goes on inside the warriors of old that has been very much lost.

"I read the story, I learnt about the Spartans. I was doing it for Greece but I was doing it for Scotland as well."

Fellow British star Headey, 33, said: "It feels great being involved with something that has been so well received.

"To play a woman who isn't relied on to be the weeping, sorrowful woman and to be strong and stand with the men in something so big and risky is great."

The film is inspired by the novel by Frank Miller.


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