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Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: March 16, 2007 | Publication: Films & Books | Author: Yorgo Karakostas

Posted by: DaisyMay

He Says: 300 Stars our of 10
He Says: Must See

The extravagantly dark visual genius of Frank Miller is once again superbly translated to the screen in an epic way. One of the most beautiful gore films Iíve ever seen. The blood poured off the screen like it was coming from a fruitful red fountain. Yet I never got bored or disgusted because of the gorgeous visuals. Historical accuracy aside, the plot was very well developed and contained within the films purpose. The main Spartan facts were dead on some classic lines from history were delivered as expected. On a more personal note, being Greek myself I can say that this film is a Greek personís dream come true.

Overacting matched the over-compensated and fantastic camera angles and lighting. The performances werenít annoying, but very theatrical in a trained Shakespearean way. I found the fabricated set to have a soul and grit, something that SinCity didnít have and was a bit of a distraction for me. This film empowered me to forget the technical process and submerged myself in the scenes. Watching this film seemed a bit of a long dream sequence, Zack Snyder stuck to his bag of tricks and kept using the throughout the whole film. Iíve never seen more slow motion in a film in my entire life, beating out any Mel Gibson film!

I would call this glorious filmmaking for a story about glory and sacrifice. An instant classic that will resonate for years to come and will have other films copy, reference, compare and be inadequate next to itís greatness. Such like the Spartans versus their opponents. Iím going to see this one again! Attention Hollywood executives, NO SEQUEL, they are all dead already, all 300 of themÖleave this one alone. PLEASE!


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