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300....Beyond Awesome

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 19, 2007 | Publication: Endless...Nameless (India) | Author: Abhijeet
Source: Endless Nameless

Posted by: DaisyMay

The first review that I had read about this movie asked “Can I give it more than 10 stars?” Boy does Zach Snyder's epic answer the question!! It lives up to all hype surrounding its release. The Matrix trilogy set a benchmark for CG and visual effects. 300 has taken this benchmark to a totally new level. It is a visual masterpiece. It is gruesome…bloody violent but it is the kind of violence which you don’t want to stop. The war sequences are shot brilliantly…the action moves at a pace that is fast and furious...with spears and swords colliding against nothing else but flesh…with blood gushing all around…limbs getting chopped off…and the rocking soundtrack playing in the background…and then suddenly it stops…there’s dead silence…the soldiers just walk around…you think that its all over…and then out of the blue it starts all over again…Zach Synder is a genius! He throws the action at you and then stops it for you to catch a breath and follows it up with something even more gruesome…as if he’s making you ready for the next level! The cinematography is simply superb….hundreds of cameras capturing the action…awesome use of bullet time motion…but forget all that…how the hell did he cast 300 men with 8 packs who can ACT…god alone knows…I mean even a freaking hunchback has muscles popping out of his back! Gerald Butler is simply superb as is the guy narrating the whole thing. Once you’ve seen 300, the likes of Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven will start looking pale in comparison. It is a must watch…don’t miss it!


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