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The Killer Workout

Category: 300 News
Article Date: March 20, 2007 | Publication: Yahoo Buzz Log | Author: Molly McCall
Source: Yahoo Buzz Log

Posted by: DaisyMay

The gore-tastic flick "300" stormed into Search with all the classic form of a box office smash. Its brawny starring man, Gerard Butler, roared into our top movers. Its va-va-voom leading lady, Lena Headey, nearly doubled her buzz. Demand for its reviews, photos, and cast surged.

But one aspect of the movie's rip-roaring buzz is truly unique. The popcorn-popping, soda-slurping fans, who earned the flick a whopping $70.9 mil in its opening weekend, pumped up the searches on its workout. Yes, its workout. Jane Fonda, step aside. Here come the ancient Greeks.

Blown away by Butler's ultra-defined abs and Hulk-like pecs, searchers boosted buzz for the exercise plan that got him that way. Demand for "300 workout" and "gerard butler 300 workout" heaved upwards. "Spartan 300 training" bench pressed huge numbers, and "spartan 300 workout" bulged.

Given the cross-promotional prowess of studios these days, could it be that a Thermopylae fitness plan is coming soon to a gym near you? Lift spears, scream like hell, bash the dude next to you. Capes not included.


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