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Movie Critic Who Loves Movies - 300

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Article Date: March 22, 2007 | Publication: Sandy Schairer, Movie Critic | Author: Sandy Schairer
Source: Sandy Schairer

Posted by: DaisyMay

I went to see 300 on March 9th, 2007, the day it opened in theaters all over the United States. So did a lot of other people. It grossed over $70Million dollars that weekend making it the top box-office movie for March 9 - 11th (those figures were estimated, it might be even more now.)

Several types of fans showed up, I'm sure. It hit all the bases. Frank Miller and graphic novel fans, of course. And fantasy lovers--especially the ones that are amazed by computer graphics and FX in movies. Then all the fans of the vast cast. Those people that enjoy hero and war movies came, too. And some that like stories based on real events (and this was) and/or movies about ancient Greek and Roman times like Gladiator.

Of course, a big group of those fans who are wildly in-love with Gerard Butler who stared in the movie as King Leonidas flocked to see this movie. (These are the women that would pay big bucks to see a movie of Gerry Butler just standing there or sitting in a chair. I admit I'm one.)

The movie was exceptional. I know y'all think that I am gaga over all movies, especially Gerry-movies, but this was a way different movie than I am used to going to. First of all it was about war and I'm not a war-lover. And of course the battles and violence of which I am not fond.

This movie was set in 480 BC when the King of Sparta took three-hundred Spartan soldiers trained in hand-to-hand combat and the resolution to fight to the death if necessary (plus some Greek soldiers) and held off the Persia Invaders for two days in a mountain pass near the sea.

The graphics were well done. Exceptional. Excellent. Totally believable and amazing. They looked real or at least they blended into the body of the movie without a trace of detection. They didn't look like graphics or cartoons (think of the Titanic and realistic those graphics.)

All I can say about graphics is--go see it. You will know what I mean. I think you'll agree.

Give up your preconceived ideas about this movie and watch it with an open mind, not expecting anything....except something new and great.

This movie was such a work of art that it didn't appear to be "gory" regardless of the intense fight scenes and violence. (I am usually one to cringe at gory scenes and hide my eyes during suspenseful fight scenes even on TV. So if I didn't cringe on this one, you can take my word for it, the violence is manageable.)

This movie was so artistic that even when a particularly well-loved character fell (his body slowly fell, hint hint,) it was a beautiful image. (In comparison to Frank Miller's other graphic novel movie Sin City, which was completely different and left a far different impression and feeling during & after the viewing.)

In fact, when 300 ended, spontaneous applause broke out in the theater. I haven't heard that in ages...maybe since Star Wars or earlier. Wow.

Of course, all of Gerard Butler fans hope this puts him on the celebrity map once and for all, and he'll achieve big-time stardom in American movies SOON. We want more of him and his talent. (He's been in over 25 different movies, shows and TV series/specials (in the British Isles mostly.) AND he played the title role in the Phantom of the Opera by F. Lloyd Webber. But since he is a character-actor and wears costumes (and looks different in every role) not enough people are aware of who Gerard "Gerry" Butler is. This movie is going to make a difference.

Thank you cast and crew and WRITERS for 300. A wonderful masterpiece.

Sandy your movie "critic"
(PS: The only disconserting things about this movie was--Gerry's eyes looked brown, not bluish green as they really are. I guess when you play Greek royalty, you have to look Greek. Not to mention buff. THANK YOU.)


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