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300 - Spectacle Triumphs Over Silliness

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: March 23, 2007 | Publication: The Devil's Manor | Author: Bryan Veloso
Source: The Devil's Manor

Posted by: DaisyMay

Much has already been written about this so Iím not going to give it the full review treatment. Iíve been looking forward to seeing it since the first news began trickling out way back. Now I have, and I wasnít disappointed. Itís overlong, very silly in parts, woefully inaccurate historically but a magnificent cinematic spectacle for all that. Parts of the film are hauntingly beautiful and itís never less than visually compelling. The acting varies wildly from superb (Gerard Butlerís Leonidas) to pantomime awful (Dominic Westís Theron) to just absurd (Rodrigo Santoro Ė what were they thinking??) and the decision to use David Wenham to narrate the film just doesnít work. His toneless delivery almost had me dozing off at times. Some of Millerís dialogue, which is ok in the context of a graphic novel, is risible when spoken aloud on film.

For all that, the film comes alive during the battle scenes which transform it from what could have been a laughable Steve Reeves style sword and sandal ďepicĒ to a masterpiece of style. See it, and decide for yourself.


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