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Interview: Gerard Butler in 300 (Video)

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Article Date: March 24, 2007 | Publication: Scotland Today | Author: Grant Lauchlan

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Click link above to watch the Gerard Butler interview

Grant Lauchlan spoke to Gerard Butler, the Paisley-born star of 300 , the film that is currently destroying its opposition at the American box office ($140 million so far) and is set to do the same in Scotland this weekend. Click here to watch the interview

Telling the story of the Battle of Thermopylae , where 300 Greeks took a stand against a million Persians, the film demanded absolute physical commitment, which Butler talks about in the interview. But the director Zach Snyder (Dawn of the Dead remake) was keen for Butler to let some of his Glaswegian roots inform his performance. Watch the interview to find out more.

300 is out now. Check our listings for details.


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