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Article Date: January 22, 2000 | Publication: Daily Record | Author: Kelly Cooper Barr

Posted by: admin

TWO people Colin and I knew from the old days were starring in One More Kiss at the Glasgow Film Theatre this week. Valerie Edmond, our cover girl with the never- ending legs and chiselled cheek bones, is someone we've known since she ran the Tramway Theatre.

The other - tall, dark and handsome with blue twinkling eyes - was Gerry Butler who was a lawyer in another life and used to frequent our establishments.

We also bumped into each other in an obscure club in Los Angeles about 10 years ago when we were both living there to listen to DJ Danny Tenagalia.

Tenagalia is now the DJ's DJ and plays in top clubs around the globe as well as being resident DJ in New York's fashionable Twylo night club. Check out his CD Back to Mine, it's wicked.

Anyway, back to the One More Kiss preview and party. The other actress in the film, Valerie Gogan, is someone else we've met before. We sat the at same table at Mandy Smith and Bill Wyman's wedding. I remember asking her what she did and she said she was a "struggling actress".

Since then she has popped up all over the place including our own Hamish McBeth.

I didn't think she would remember us but as soon as she saw me she came over and said: "We met at Mandy and Bill's wedding remember, how is your husband Colin?" She was lovely.

I loved the film, it made you laugh, cry, think and reflect on your life. James Cosmo is absolutely brilliant as the old dad who can't cope with his daughter's cancer.

Its message was seize the day as you never know what will happen next. It's a charming, beautifully shot film. The actors were all very believable and director Vadim Jean has done a brilliant job in my very humble, non- luvvy opinion.

Vadim, Gerry, the two Valeries, the artist Archie Forrest and his wife and lots of friends all went on to the Republic Bier Halle after the film and drank schnapps and champagne to celebrate its success.

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