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Tonight we dine in Hell (blog)

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: March 27, 2007 | Publication: | Author: MTFBWY

Posted by: stagewomanjen

300 Spartans against quite a few Persians. It’s quite a well known story from history and it was the subject of that wonderful graphic novel 300 and now the film of the same name. I went to see said film today, and my copy of the graphic novel is in the post. From the same graphic novelist as Sin City this film was almost a sure hit.

And it is. I went as part of a trip organised by the film and media department at school, and as we left the cinema we were all in the mood to go and die for Sparta. Apparently there are a few added bits that aren’t in the 88 pages of the novel, however it does have to make pretty much two hours, and it was a great film, so does it really matter?

Starting by showing how King Leonidas became king during his training, and continuing to tell the story of how he and 300 men went to stand against the might of Xeres’ Persian army. The film does it in a very well shot way that suits the well written script.

No write up I can give will do this film justice. No matter how I praise Gerard Butler for his portrayal of the Spartan King, or Zack Snyder for his directorial skills, or indeed almost every aspect of the film you won’t really see what I mean unless you actually go to the cinema, buy your ticket and watch it.

If there is to be a criticism it has to be of the wheat fields. WHY? Ever since Gladiator there have been scenes of a woman and a child walking through corn fields. We get the idea, just give up with the wheat already.

You have to appreciate the courage of those 300 Spartans against the innumerable Persians, it is a true story, just a film adaptation of a graphic novel adaptation. But if it was word for word you’d also be amazed at the amount of smart remarks that these warriors can come up with in the face of that army.

This is one of those films that should be seen in the cinema, on the big screen, with popcorn. If you don’t want to see 300 Spartans killing lots of Persians then maybe you shouldn’t go and see this film, but if you don’t mind that too much stop reading now and go to the cinema, you won’t miss much, it’ll just be me saying ‘MTFBWY’.

****For anyone wondering - it's a star wars blog - so MTFBWY = may the force be with you.


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