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Article Date: March 30, 2007 | Publication: Blissfully Naked (Blog) | Author: RPM
Source: Blissfully Naked

Posted by: DaisyMay

..and I have many thoughts. So...many thoughts. I shall write them out in laundry list format as I sorely need to get back to an overwhelmingly intimidating work inbox.

1. Clearly I see why I'm currently single. Apparently, I was supposed to be born in the days of Sparta. Now before you start rolling your eyes and saying it's all about the six-pack...let me get one thing straight. Six-packs are nice, but what I love, love loved was the strength, the conviction, the valor and the grit of those men. I've always been a sucker for a man with the heart of a lion (and the humor, integrity and courage to boot). I suppose I need to put that in my online profile huh? (Only Spartans need apply)

2. I know there are some who claimed to be disappointed in this movie. I have to the spirit it was intended, following the graphic novel by Frank could you be anything but giddy with glee? There was not supposed to be anything "real" or "life like" or heavily historical. It was supposed to be fantastic, visually over the top as any material of the genre typically is. I sat down prepared to feel goosebumps rise on my skin from the sheer excitement of amazing sound, "squeal-worthy" effects designed to stagger the inner kid in me and lines that you only could hear in movies without rolling your eyes. I was given precisely that. On steroids. I had to practically keep my hand clapped over my mouth to refrain from remarking with incredulity at some of the fight scenes. What an eyegasm.

3. Tell me this movie doesn't make you want to spend the next fifteen years living, eating, sleeping at the gym? I'd be a liar if I said I didn't appreciate the uh...picture of health...those soldiers personified.

4. Would it have been absurd to stay right in that seat and wait for the next showing? I certainly could sit through that again.

5. I'd like the movie theater to come up with some carb free snacking options for me. Avoiding that popcorn is becoming increasingly difficult. How about some bacon bits, or cheese bites, without pretzel or nacho wrapped around it? Beef Jerky? Slim Jims? Salted nuts?

6. Did Dominic West keep his dress decidedly less revealing because his character was a politician of Sparta? Or because he didn't have time to purchase an ab lounge before filming? Inquiring minds need to know...

7. And while we're back on the subject of iron stomachs, heaving biceps and chiseled much of those ridiculously perfect physiques were true, and what was...altered? The magic of cinema. I could hear men lifiting weights like they were possessed in my mind. There was a small piece of me that smiled at that. Enjoying them sweating and feeling "insignificant" as they watched the "popularized ideal" in front of their faces. Take that, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. BITCHEZ!


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