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Miller's '300' is a Success of Epic Proportions

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Article Date: March 31, 2007 | Publication: The Shield | Author: Zach Williams
Source: The Shield

Posted by: DaisyMay

Combining the cash crop of other directors' Greek epics like 2004's "Troy" with his own epic style, as displayed in 2005's "Sin City," Frank Miller has succeeded once again in sweeping up hungry fans with "300."

The film adaptation of Miller's graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae breathes new life into the old Greek literature and history books. Although "300" is loosely based on actual historical records, some inaccuracies create a no less intricate tale of 300 Spartans against King Xerxes and the Persian army.

Miller wrote the graphic novel after watching the movie, "300 Spartans," which altered his perception of what composes a hero.

So far, "300" is the biggest box office smash of 2007, and with good reason. The movie begins with Leonidas, king of the Spartan city-state, as a boy and continues to his reign, showing the brutal nature of Spartan life.

Director Zack Snyder's narration throughout the movie adds to the feel of listening to a stunning Greek poet recite an epic poem.

The movie features some of the most stunning visuals, using the best of post-production technology. It took over a year to wrap this up. The producers and artists took their time to create a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled event. The colors are breathtaking, muted in some areas and striking in others. At the very least, viewers will fall in love with the color scheme.

"300" offers a lot of things that many don't look for in their adventure movies, including a strong female character in Leonidas' wife, Gorgo, who wages a battle of her own with Sparta's corrupt political leaders.

Though the fighting does get intense at times, nothing is too gruesome. You won't find a hyper-violent film here.

It's still an R-rated film, though, so I don't recommend taking a 7-year-old to see it. Unless you want your child to encounter some graphic violence and nudity.

The film also offers an interesting look at the miracles of texture coloring and post-production manipulation.

There does exist a problem with this movie. They made it way too darn good! I wish that all comic book movies were treated with as much grace and respect as "300" and "Sin City" were given; who knows what kind of cinematic experiences we would have been left with for the ages to enjoy?

Want the truth? I can't convince you to go and see this movie, but I recommend that you do. "300" is rare. Rare in the sense that it was made to be widely available to the masses and history buffs alike.

Having seen the film twice over, I found it quite interesting that a group of older moviegoers stood outside the theater's doors talking at length about not just the cinematic aspects but the actual history that it holds within.

"300" is worth the ticket. And then you'll want the poster, an action figure, and then your own Spartan crimson.

Well, maybe not that far, but the movie really is worth the ticket.

Rating: 10/10


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