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Article Date: September 3, 2000 | Publication: Sunday Mail | Author: Colin Wilson

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HUNKY Scot Gerry Butler thought he'd seen to the last of the bad guys when he switched from law to acting.

But his latest role is playing the biggest baddie of all - Attila the Hun.

The 30-year-old Scot, who gave up a legal career to pursue his showbiz dream, takes the lead role in a new TV mini-series about the brutal conqueror.

The multi-million dollar US production, Attila the Hun Rides Again, aims to show the softer side of history's notorious hatchet man and prove that he had a lust for love as well as blood.

Gerry's co-stars include Simmone Jade Mackinnon, star of Baywatch Hawaii, who plays Attila's true love, N'Kara.

Gerry's not the only Scot to step back in time. Scarred hard-man Tommy Flanagan plays Attila's brother Bleda and Pauline Lynch, who appeared in Trainspotting, stars as a soothsayer called Galen.

Other big names involved include Tim Curry and Steven Berkoff - the man who launched Gerry's acting career.

"After a meeting with Steven Berkoff in a coffee shop, I auditioned and was cast by him in Coriolanus," Gerry said.

"My family and friends thought I was mad giving up a career in law, but now they couldn't be happier."

Gerry shot to screen fame playing Billy Connolly's brother in the award -winning Mrs Brown.

He has also starred alongside Valerie Gogan in touching drama One More Kiss. and the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

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