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"300" - Third Time's the Charm

Category: 300 News
Article Date: April 2, 2007 | Publication: A Piece of My Mind (Blog) | Author: Julia
Source: A Piece of My Mind

Posted by: DaisyMay

In service to my need to shore up my inner Spartan, I dragged myself to another showing of "300". Okay, I know, meeting excitedly with my husband after work to catch the 6:40 show can hardly be called 'dragging.' And it's not as difficult to settle in to watch the chiseled bodies of the Spartans when my husband is seeing it for the third time, as well.


Favourite moments I can't wait to watch over and over when we get the DVD:

1 - the slo-mo shot where the Persian messengers ride over the hill toward Sparta and the camera tracks alongside them

2 - when Leonidas(Gerry Butler) looks back over his shoulder at his queen to get her opinion on a bit of sword-point diplomacy

3 - when a disgruntled Leonidas waits for the oracle to speak (looks so much like my vampire character in that shot)

4 - when Leonidas is saying goodbye to his queen and calls her 'my lady'. My heart shivers when those lovely words roll past those lips in that delicious voice.

5 - when Leonidas stands with his shield looking out upon the Persian ships tossed by the storm, rain pelting him and his eyes so piercing and magnetic. (Another shot where he looks exactly like my vampire character.)

6 - when the Spartans are just about to engage the Persians at the Hot Gates. We haven't seen them fight yet. The Persian leader says, "Spartans, lay down your weapons!" The front Spartan line takes its position, crouched with shields and spears ready. Leonidas replies, "Persians, come and get them!" You just want the Persians to hurry and rush the Spartan line so we can revel in the beauty of the Greek phalanx "in one inpenetrable unit."

7 - once the battle gets going, there's a long take which is made longer by slo-mo and stop/start freeze framing that follows Leonidas as he plows through twenty or so Persians. If you know my love of ballet, you'll understand the pure poetry of watching that perfectly sculpted body stretching, turning, ducking, deflecting, stabbing and slashing his way through the onslaught of the enemy.

8 - when the Persians let fly with the rain of arrows, the Spartans take cover under their shields. All very tense, then the camera lingers on the shields coated in arrow shafts like a barren forest. Leonidas stands, holding his shield in one hand, swipes his sword with the other and cuts the arrows free, defiance radiating from his mane-like plumed helmet. Oh God, it's making my heart swell right now!

9 - this one actually makes my stomach feel like it's taken a punch. Leonidas kneels before his enemy at one point. If there's something that hurts to see, it's that king kneeling before anyone.

10 - I love the shot where Leonidas has raised his injured body back to its feet so that he can meet death with his arms outstretched in embrace. What a way to go!

Sigh. Can't wait till the next time!


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