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'300' delivers sensory experience in IMAX

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Article Date: April 4, 2007 | Publication: The All State | Author: Heather Clark
Source: The All State

Posted by: DaisyMay

'300' delivers sensory experience in IMAX
Movie recounts ancient Greek battles using 'Maximum Image' technologies.

Many who weren't familiar with Frank Miller's graphic novels became acquainted with his work in 2005 with the cinematic adaptation of "Sin City." It was a twisted tale of good versus evil, made all the more memorable with its amazing cinematography. Fans of the film were excited to see what would be next.

On March 9, 2007, Miller failed to disappoint. Teaming up with director Zack Snyder, he created an adaptation of his graphic novel "300," based on the Battle of Thermopylae - the epic struggle between 300 of the elite Spartan army and the massive Persian army in 480 B.C.

Again, Miller is able to provide unique and exciting cinematography. The rich colors and dramatic skies give the impression of viewing a painting from the Romantic Era, only in motion.

The story easily captivates audiences with a fearless leader, King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), who defies the gods themselves in order to fight for his family, his love Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) and his people. Obviously, the battles are a bit on the graphic side; however, the magic of computer generated image in this movie tends to make the blood less bloody.

While history is always fun, the creators of "300" have brilliantly mixed in healthy amounts of fantasy to keep the film interesting. Mystical oracles, titan warriors and beasts are weaved throughout the reality of the film in a way that almost makes them seem possible.

Take away the plot and storyline (which were fantastic) and audiences would still be left with one heck of a sensory experience, especially if they happen to catch "300" at an IMAX theater.

Short for Maximum Image, IMAX theaters are designed to give movie lovers more bang for a few extra bucks.

Imagine if you will, thundering horses and fierce battles played out over a six-channel digital surround sound system.

Picture the oppressive mobile throne of King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) towering over you on a three-story screen that extends beyond peripheral vision in order to provide a full view of images.

IMAX creators boast the largest film frame of the entire motion picture industry, made specifically for the sake of maximum clarity in pictures.

Pair that with around 44 speakers sending 12,000 watts of sound throughout the room and you have a system that would make even a humdrum film seem pretty exciting.

Not to worry though, "300" is anything but humdrum. It is a piece of ancient history spiced up in a manner that is truly characteristic of Miller.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's still time to catch "300" in the IMAX Experience at Opry Mills. Yes, it does cost a little more (about $3 more), but it will not take long to see where the extra money went.


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