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Smash hit for Gerry

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: March 25, 2007 | Publication: Sunday Star (Scottish Edition) | Author: Editors
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HUNKY Hollywood star Gerard Butler has revealed he nearly lost his looks during a drunken prank.

The 300 actor smashed a wine glass into his face, which left him covered in blood and needing stitches in a gaping wound.

The Paisley-bred star botched his boozy party piece while he was studying law in Glasgow.

Gerard, 37, said: "One of the things we would do as lawyers at the Halloween ceilidh was drink a glass of wine and smash it off our heads.

"I always had to go that bit further. I would line up five glasses then smash them off my head.

"One night I was so drunk I stuck it in my nose.

"It bled for six hours."

Gerard says he has since kicked his booze habit and added: "The smoking is my next battle but we're born to be set these challenges."


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