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Gerard Talks About His Fans (GB.Net Exclusive)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: April 6, 2007 | Publication: Berlin Press Junket | Author: Anonymous

Posted by: admin

A kind friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us an audio clip from an interview with Gerard during the Berlin 300 press junket in February. Click the link above to listen to the audio. (The contributor asks that the clip NOT be used on any other website, but you are welcome to link to this page for others to enjoy!)


My fans….there are now so many different websites, some of which have been running for years and my understanding of what I’ve seen is they are like the best run websites. I can find out, when I can’t get in touch with my manager or agent, or try to get an article that I’m looking for an article, it’s there, they have everything. But more than that they are this incredible community who have become great friends and supporters of each other as well as me and they raise money for charity and they do all these kind of crazy fun and inspirational things amongst themselves, so I gotta love that. I mean I never thought growing up that people would really do much in any way because of me do you have a choice, do I want to play it cool and be above that or do I actually want to appreciate the beauty of that in the fact that what you do in some ways touched people and made them do something perhaps different in their life that they wouldn’t have done, which is go and raise money for charity, go on these conventions where they, you know, do all kinds of crazy visits. For them it’s become their own thing you know. It’s like, I see it as a big chance for them to have holidays away from their husbands and families. They kind of like “Oh we’re going to another Gerry Butler convention…um…again. I know we already went on one last week, but we’re going on another one!”

And their great and I’m amazed by how creative they are from the videos they make to the designs they do for all different, from the websites they organize and from the…they’re constantly coming up with all different ideas, it’s like, why could I ever be anything other than supportive of that because they have helped me so much in my belief of where I’m at, both as an actor and as Gerry Butler. There’s a lot of stuff in your head constantly which is “what am I doing?” , or “Ok this is all. I’m an imposter.” You know, “You’re shit, your shit.” You know, you go between that and “I am God”. Perhaps not quite, but there is an extreme fluctuation and when you know that there’s people out there who support you and care for you because they know me quite well. It’s amazing how much they know and it’s kind of funny and charming that they would care enough to give you advice. And sometimes it can be a little bit in your face. Like “Here! Here’s a book on stopping smoking! Read it right now in front of me! And let’s stop together!” and you’re like “What? Wait a minute”. But I think that they’re amazing.


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