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Film review: 300 (blog)

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: April 6, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Weiran Zhang

Posted by: stagewomanjen

This has to be one of the most engaging and dynamic movies Iíve seen for a long time at the cinema. Gerard Butler makes a convincing and very powerful King Leonidas, not only with his physical presence but also with his body language and thundering voice.

The battle scenes were brilliantly shot. They reminded me of the long three minute fight scene in Old Boy, beautifully choreographed, elegant and powerful. Some would say it was too bloody, but the gore adds to the realism and creates a marvellous visual sceptical. Unlike in The Matrix: Reloaded, I just wanted the long battle scenes to keep on going.

Although I already knew the outcome of the ending, it didnít spoil it one bit. There are some cheeky moments which break the tension very well, making this a very well balanced movie.

I highly recommend you watching this movie.

Rating: 4.5/5


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