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Movie Review - 300 (blog)

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: April 6, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Escape

Posted by: stagewomanjen

It has always been a dream of mine... to watch a movie.. first day first show... I am a nerd. A HUGE nerd. I am glad I did it for this movie. So Sathyam theatres... Friday morning.

The movie... is everything I had expected and more. It is not everytime a viral marketing campaign on the internet works... we saw it falter miserably with Snakes on a Plane. But with 300, it worked and the movie made 150 million.

There is a theory that I propose for a viral marketing campaign to suceed. A VM technique is all about expectations... and 300 in all its simplicity, herded all those expectaions towards one narrow gully. Every single person who wanted to watch the movie, expected blood geysers, mountains of gore , and lots of adrenalin pumping in choreographed fight sequences.

We got that... and much much much more. 20 feet tall elephants, a mad charging rhino... ogres, scheming hunchbacks, killing, maiming and slicing through flesh... mountains of dead people , Punch dialogues all through out... and ofcourse I dont think anyone would have played Leonidas better than Gerry Butler. 300 is a case of getting much much more than what you expected during a VM campaign. And the VM campaign makes you expect LOTS of some very small thing.

This movie also works because it depicted the randomness of a war with all the rigid planning of a Spartan. The dialogues would put Liyaquath Ali Khan to shame... Wish Hari and Perarasu would watch this movie and learn hwo to write punch dialogues. Every character has a cool thing to say in even the most hopess situation... and sells the line so damn well !!! Vijay !! your punch dialogues in Pokkiri are kitten mews.. compared to this. I am ashamed and would never watch another Vijay movie again.

300 is a must watch. In the theatre. Playing in Sathyam and INOX. I do nto know how long INOX is going to be up... but watch it. I myself plan to watch it atleast 3 more times.


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