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Article Date: April 19, 2007 | Publication: The Coffee Goddess (Blog) | Author: Zarah
Source: The Coffee Goddess

Posted by: DaisyMay

The Coffee Goddess
i arise from the earth the aroma of soil sweetly intoxicating is locked in my bossom come smell me taste me and make it quick for my spirit flies as swift as the wind to the heavens where i truly belong


Aside from the cleaning, the reading, the mothering, the writing and the running of workshops this summer, I have the pleasure of watching movies that Papadoms and I missed last year. We both have a list of our favorites, of course, and borrowing them from Video City is a feast! You would find all the comedy and action movies on his; and you'd see all the romantic dramas/comedy and epic movies on mine. These are my favorites so far.

1. The Prestige. I had difficulty following the plot at the beginning, but when the first death scene came around, I predicted how it will all unfold. The thing is, in movies, there will always be losers and winners. Michael Cain is lucky to be in a win-win situation, playing the accomplice for Christian Bale. So sorry for Hugh Jackman who died a rich, bitter man. The movie had fantastic actors and a theme that reflects how things are at work, lately. Ambition can drive you into madness. For what cost?

2. The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep is an EMPRESS, indeed! Fantastic acting. A power woman who will not, ever, compromise. Whew! I can not possible do that. I have a career, but family is more important for me to nourish and nurture. I love seeing Anne Hathaway play more mature roles. Unlike, Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan, this Disney Princess has a better PR packaging. She stays away from the candy stuff which Hillary could not seem to afford. She keeps her film projects smart, sensible and sensitive which Lindsey could not muster. I still have to see Hillary and Lindsey do more serious roles. They will not be teenagers forever!

3. Nacho Libre. I heart Jack Black! This is one wrestling movie I can trust Nico to watch al by himself. What of the monk-nun romantic angle? It's platonic and I trust Nico to know the difference.

4. Holidays. I heart Jack Black again. Give him more time and he can do what Tim Carrey has done -- veer a little from the comedy path and portray more sensitive characters.

5. 300. This one we saw last night at Robinson's Galeria Cinema and it got Papadoms and I talking for hours till 1.00 a.m. It's amazing to think of a race like the Spartans to have ever existed. Back in education school in one course, Foundations of Education if my memory serves me right, our class discussed on the Spartans' way of rearing children and how they claim a formidable influence on modern education. Their method of raising children to become what they expect them to be still works-- that is, providing children with a learning environment that is designed for who and what they will become. At that time, I found their method barbaric and inhuman. More than twelve years after, I think, Spartan methodology works! I have a son, so I know. I work in a boys school so I can say it works. To some extent.

Sorry for that digression. I'm floored on the historical concept and idea. Where have all the Leonidases gone? There is no room for heroes in politics. If there are heroes in organized politics, what are they made of? Bulging biceps and man boobs too? I think not. Dominic West as Theron proved that he is not made of that heroic stuff. Leonidas' queen played hero too. Her battle field is in the confines of her own kingdom. It's never easy being mom, wife and a queen at that! The only reclaim I have is the movie's interpretation of Xerxes played by Rodrigo Santoro, the handsome office mate and object of affection of Laura Linney in Love Actually. Does he really have to appear as androgynous? Oh well, if Miller characterized man's insatiable desire for power as neither male or female, then, fine. What can I do about it, but, watch and enjoy the rest of the movie!

Now I'm wanting for the graphic novel to compare the movie's visual texture with the print. The cinematography is a visual delight as well as all those half naked Spartans. David Wenham was yummy! I adored him in the LOTR trilogy; enjoyed his humor and slapstick in Van Helsing; but he's hot in 300. I like Gerard Butler bearded and butt naked. Tom Wisdom and Michael Fassbender, double yummy! This movie is a mint flavored candy with lots of chocolate filling. The kind I like to suck and melt in my mouth after a cup of well brewed "kapeng barako".


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