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"300" Brazil Premiere Interview (translation)

Category: Interviews
Article Date: April 29, 2007 | Publication: Contigo | Author: Aline Salcedo, do Rio, e Carlos Helí de Almeida, de Berlim

Posted by: maryp

Gerald Butler, 37, arrived really excited to the avant-premiere of 300, on Monday(19), in Rio. The fact of being Leonidas, the mainly character of 300, directed by Zack Snyer, 41, wasn't the only reason for that. In fact, the actor was already missing the city, where he filmed - four years ago -, "The Game of Their Lives", a movie about football, that never been released here. "I love Brazil. The country is beautiful, and the people are great and nice. Last time I've been here, I got a girlfriend. I had my own girl from Ipanema.", he said, during a good chat on the Copacabana Palace Hotel, where he stayed. You can read some parts of the interview right under.

CT: What do your like most in Leonidas, your character in 300?
GB: His strength, his fearless and the fact that he never, never goes back. There's a lot to learn with him. It's not just violence, but there's a lot of emotion in this movie.

CT: How was working with Rodrigo Santoro, in this movie, the persian king Xerxes?
GB: We did just one scene with dialogue, the one that Xerxes tries to persuade king Leonidas, my character to bend to his kingdom. Because Xerxes is a 9ft tall giant, I had to say my lines looking for a picture of his character attached to a mast. On the same, when Xerxes has to talk to my character, Rodrigo had to a picture of Leonidas attached next to my virile(laughs). Because of this work, we became friends pretty fast.

CT: In a interview, you said that you were looking for the perfect woman. Have you found her already?
GB: No, not yet. But I already found the perfect man: me(laughs).

CT: And the brazilian women. Do they still atracting you?
GB: Yes! Yes! They are the most beautiful women that I've ever seen. I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool. So I become slave...

~thank you to Raphaela Joao for the translation


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