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Article Date: March 3, 2001 | Publication: The Scotsman | Author: Editors

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(far away but not forgotten)

Name: Gerard Butler

Born: Glasgow, 1970

Years Away: Three. He had been working as a very bored solicitor in Edinburgh (having graduated from Glasgow Uni) when he just decided to up sticks to London in pursuit of stardom. What glamour.

Adopted Home: He spends most of his time in LA but also has a house in London.

So Who is He?: He's the next big thing, apparently. His rise to fame and glory has been pretty meteoric, having been plucked from mortal status to appear in the US Christmas blockbuster, Dracula 2000.

What Else Has He Done?: All sorts of bits and pieces. Directly before getting his teeth into Dracula (boom, boom) he played the lead in an American TV series about Attila the Hun - almost certainly a serious, meticulously researched piece of drama.

Has He Got Anything Else Lined Up?: His next project is another intellectual treat called Reign of Fire, a gritty tale of fire-breathing dragons from the centre of the earth who are trying to take over the world.

Sounds Unmissable: Quite. The longer-term future is rather more interesting, though. James Cosmo, of Highlander fame, is due to produce a film called Clarinda, about Robert Burns and his relationship with Agnes McElhose.

And?: And the young Gerard is absolutely gagging to play Burns. By all accounts, too, he stands a good chance.

How Wonderful: Well, almost. The other name in the frame is Johnny Depp, who may be something of a challenge to beat. Even Butler admits: "I would kill for the chance to play Burns, but how can I hope to compete with Johnny Depp? The only advantage I have over him is that I'm Scottish."

Chances of him coming back?: If he gets the Burns part he'll be back before you can say "tim'rous beastie".

Would we want him?: If the alternative is having Depp attempt to speak in a Scottish accent, "want" is putting it mildly.

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