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300 is Right Up There With Great Action Movies

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Article Date: May 3, 2007 | Publication: This is North Devon | Author: Staff
Source: This is North Devon

Posted by: DaisyMay

One of the most striking and memorable films for a very long time ... There, I've said it.Yes, it sounds like the sort of comments plastered over the posters of films which don't necessarily deserve such high praise, writes GARETH BARTLETT.But rather than feature quotes from such highly-regarded film critics as TV Quick or Horsey Weekly, the epic 300 deserves unparalleled praise from the industry's most respected names.

For a start the film is gloriously presented in a stylised, moody and almost timeless, dreamy quality (with the use of modern green screen technology).

Gerard Butler is a casting director's dream as King Leonidas. Masculine, tons of sex-appeal, confident, inspiring and oozing leadership.

Such striking screen presence has arguably not been seen since Sean Connery as Bond, and Butler turns in a far superior performance than Russell Crowe's Gladiator.

Perhaps most impressive are the fight sequences. Apart from the rather extreme level of gore, they are superbly cut together, helped enormously by the level of dedication and precision shown by the actors and stuntmen.

Each battle is breathtaking, hard work yet glorious. Audience reactions will vary from hiding their eyes behind their hands to whooping along with every slash, stab and decapitation.

The storyline may not rocket along and the film has been targeted for some historical inaccuracies, but it really is an enjoyable piece of cinema - a masterpiece which shows what can be done with an ancient story, quality acting, production and editing.

It may not be the sort of film to stand up to a trilogy of offerings like the Lord of the Rings, but as an individual offering, it's a classic.


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