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Best Movie of the Year (so far) on DVD! (Blog)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: May 18, 2007 | Publication: Movie List Forums | Author: kmccarney
Source: Movie List Forum

Posted by: DaisyMay

Thus far this year there has only been one movie that has stuck out from the rest (for me at least), and that movie was 300. With the announcement of the July 31st release of both the Regular and Special edition DVD, I finally have a DVD release to look forward to.
Most people I have talked to about this movie loved it. I personally was blown away. Though I know what some people would say, "It had no complexity in its plot." or better yet, "it wasnt historically accurate." and for all of you who actually have said ridiculous comments like that I got news. It's not supposed to be! It was based on Frank Miller's amazing graphic novel which Zack Snyder captured perfectly shot for shot. The fighting was so badass I almost punched the guy sitting next to me because I was so pumped up. On that topic 300, in my opinion, has practically revolutionized the way fight scenes will be shot from here on out. I for one loved the long shots that ramped in and out of slow motion and King Leonidas kicking the sh*t out of Persian after Persian, as opposed to quick cuts where you cant even tell what the hell is going on. Gerard Butler was brilliant as King Leonidas, delivering some of the most memorable lines in recent cinematic history not to mention playing a hardcore badass whose character you wont soon forget. Most of all the themes behind the story are all there; You dont come into my house and push me around and even though we may not be as big as you we wont back down because we are fighting for what we believe in. Seeing that on the big screen in the way it was presented gave me chills. So again I loved this movie and cant wait for its release on dvd.


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