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revisión 300 (second review!)

Category: 300 News
Article Date: May 24, 2007 | Publication: | Author: s3137003

Posted by: stagewomanjen

As with most large scale war movies there expectation often exceeds their actual performance. This has particularly been proved in the last few years with such films, as Troy and Alexander. All with there ridiculous budgets, over the top sets and A grade stars. But as proved with their performance, there return didn’t warrant the bother, or money, it took to create them. Then only a few months ago the second Frank Miller adaptation was released, that adaptation was 300.

For a movie which takes one of the most ridiculous and debatable battles in history and turns it into a computer generated blood bath, 300 isn’t that bad. I’m no historian, but what I do know is that the film, or should I say graphic novel cause really that’s what the film is, is based on what is considered one of the most decisive battles of the Greco-Persian war. 300 Spartans stood their ground against the full slaughter of the Persian army, or should I say armies as their numbers were supposed to equal close to a million. As ridiculous as it sounds no one can honestly say that the idea of that doesn’t stir some kind of emotion in them. Just the thought of making the ultimate stance, with certain death at hand, all in the name of pride is enough to create any great story if you ask me.

That’s the task that Zack Snyder had at hand. Pretty heavy especially trying to adapt it from one of the most respected graphic novelists of our time. But somehow he pulled it off. The movie was completely shot in front of green screens, something that had been pioneered before but never applied to the large-scale war scene format. This not only gave 300 it’s own distinct look but also cut the budget down dramatically.

Though Synder obviously added in his own little obsessive quirks, like an incredible infatuation with the slow-mo button (no really if you’d thought you’d seen the slow’mo feature overused this movie takes it to intense levels), he really did do the novel a lot of justice. Even the way the scenes where done and the script contrived, it really makes the viewer fell like there watching a book. Something which almost made the movies ridiculously grotesque scenes okay. It was over the top, it was gory, and at times it dragged on, but they are all characteristics of Millers version of the story, and to that I give Snyder a great deal of respect.

At times hard to take seriously, but then again that’s not really the point. It’s a story about a story, about a story…. If that makes sense. But for what its worth its 90 minutes of screen time is genuinely interesting more than enjoyable. 300 is not one of those films you’d rush to show someone, but if you wanted to gross your girlfriend out and let her perve on some half naked Spartan soldiers its definitely the movie you’d go for.


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