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Gerard Butler Pre-Movie Awards Party (Blog)

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: June 3, 2007 | Publication: Just Jared | Author: Jared
Source: Just Jared

Posted by: DaisyMay

To view pictures, Click on the above link.

300 star Gerard Butler heads home from Area nightclub in West Hollywood on late Saturday night.

The Scots hunk is nominated for 3 MTV Movie Awards this year — Best Movie (300), Best Performance (King Leonidis) and best fight (Gerard vs. “The Uber Immortal” a.k.a. The Spartan/Persian Battle).

Co-star Rodrigo Santoro is also nominated for Best Villian for his role as King Xerxes and co-star Lena Headey for Breakthrough Performance as Queen Gorgo.

P. S. Don’t forget to visit tonight around 6PM EST for liveblogging coverage and photos straight from the red carpet and backstage from the “bloggers room” at the MTV Movie Awards 2007!


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