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*Spoiler; Awards Given*MTV Movie Awards Recap: A Night Full of Edgy (Blog)

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Article Date: June 4, 2007 | Publication: Madden Board | Author: Poetic Pyro
Source: Madden Board

Posted by: DaisyMay

Well, Sarah Silverman certainly delivered on her reputation for being controversial, and she definitely gave the censors a workout.

Not only did she open the show by singing an ode to profanity (and brought a strange choir along to back her up) just to test the folks working the 7-second delay, but she also took some swings at Tobey Maguire, surprise attendee Paris Hilton and MTV itself. In fact, Silverman got thunderous applause just for mentioning that Hilton was going to jail, and after absorbing the ensuing off-color jibes, Paris looked notably perturbed, but she at least made an effort to take it in stride for the cameras.

As for the awards themselves, it was "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" that won the top prizes, winning the Best Movie trophy by beating out favorites like "300" and "Borat." Johnny Depp also won the "Best Performance" award, and surprised everyone by actually showing up to accept it, receiving a standing ovation in celebration of the majesty of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Nicholson's blood/alcohol content was called into question when he accepted the Best Villain award for his role in "The Departed." His voice was hoarse and his speech was rambling and somewhat incoherent, but he did thank the troops and declare he loved being a villain, and that's all the crowd needed.

Sacha Baron Cohen won two awards, one for Best Comedic Performance, where he gave us all an update on the latest happenings in Borat's life, and one for Best Kiss, which he shared with Will Ferrell. That's not all he shared, though. After a joking spat where Cohen mistook the kiss as a real declaration of love, the two of them proceeded to make up and make out, rolling around on the floor for quite some time to the delight of the audience.

"300" didn't go home empty-handed, though. Gerard Butler was on hand to accept the award for Best Fight, but he was hurried off the stage by a nearly-naked fat man, who was Silverman's replacement for the polite music used at most award shows to cut off speeches that go on too long. Also, the winner of MTV's Spoof Contest was Andy Signore, who entered with "United 300," a tale of a horde of angry Spartans fighting terrorists, so all in all the caped crusaders fared well.

Best Breakthrough Performance was presented live via webcam by Kathy, a lucky Video Wall entrant, and it was won by Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, both of whom starred in "The Pursuit of Happyness" together. Although he wasn't on hand personally, he accepted with a pre-taped speech that was essentially goofing around with his father and his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith. Also, in a surprise to absolutely no one who watched the sponsored preshow, the award for Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet was won by "Transformers," which also heavily influenced the look of the broadcast itself.

The MTV Generation Award was given for lifetime achievement to Mike Myers, presented to him by his "Shrek" co-star Cameron Diaz. He accepted it with an Austin Powers dance number and a mockery of his own tendency to sell ad placement in his movies to just about anything.

On the music side of the Music Television Movie Awards, Rihanna brought the house down with her rendition of "Umbrella," wearing a highly revealing black pseudo-dress and prancing through the fireworks with Jay-Z. Amy Winehouse also performed her hit "Rehab," which is where the previously-scheduled-but-notably-absent Lindsay Lohan most likely was.

In the end, Silverman signed off by saying "Sorry to Matt Damon, we ran out of time," a nod to her significant other, Jimmy Kimmel, and his long-running gag about bumping Damon from his late-night talk show.


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