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Article Date: April 28, 2001 | Publication: The Statesman (India) | Author: Editors

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It may not matter any longer that the new James Bond is Scottish and committed to following in the footsteps of the legendary Sean Connery who carries a "Scottish forever" tattoo on his shoulder. Scottish loyalties have nothing to do with the passing of a legend. Ian Fleming's hero produced great hits like Dr No and Never Say Never Again in an age when Bond could produce miracles singlehanded with gadgets crammed into a small briefcase. Now all that may be a thing of the past when the screen has exploded with mind-boggling devices invented in laboratories making performances and personal charisma somewhat irrelevant. The new face, Gerard Butler, will have to contend with a lot more than the incurable mischief of national enemies and the lure of sultry sirens; he has to worry about the power of computerised thrills and at the same time make 007 look new and fresh. That is a tall order, first because it is difficult to banish Connery altogether though he last appeared as Bond 18 years ago and also because the character itself may have exhausted itself.

Which is perhaps why Brosnan has moved to action adventures of another kind and Butler has a second line of defence as a screen hopeful - he also plays Dracula in another series. His looks may have prompted producers to make a last-ditch effort to rescue the legend. But as things stand, the battle for Bond may well have been lost already.

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