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"300" HD-DVD Scoops

Category: 300 News
Article Date: June 14, 2007 | Publication: Aint It Cool News | Author: Harry

Posted by: maryp

Harry’s Further Exploration of existing HD DVD titles…

This week I had a chance to meet with a fellow by the name of Kevin Collins – he’s kinda like the Moses of HD DVD and yes he does work for the most evil corporation that I’ve ever known… Microsoft. You know me. My household has 4 Apple computers, two iPods and well… After my wedding and after the trip Yoko and I are taking, I’ll be getting a newer Apple Laptop. And yes, I know Apple supports Blu-Ray… but then, nobody is perfect.


Anyway – this Kevin Collins guy has a card that is in Japanese and English – and his title is “Director – HD DVD EVANGELISM” Anyway – apparently he’d been alerted to my recent columns by the various powers that be and decided to come to Austin to show me, “the true potential of the HD DVD medium.” And certainly, he came to reinforce my recent conversion to the Hi Def medium.

He brought with him every single title… foreign and domestic – that has ever been put on to HD DVD. Not only that, but pretty much every title that’s being released for the next 3 months. Killing Kevin Collins did enter my mind. It would have been so easy – and Quint was here to help me make a deep grave in the backyard… or to haul his body off to the marshes… wherever those are.

Sadly, I didn’t kill Kevin – nor did I steal his amazing books of HD. What I did do was spend about 7 hours with him – going through disc after disc. I think we easily sampled over a hundred different titles.

My fave?

Click Image for Larger Version

The upcoming HD DVD for 300 – which will have this amazing extra feature that has Zach talking you through the making of the entire film, but with a screen that’s showing you all the actual footage shot by the camera that actually captured it. So you can see – exactly what he and the artists behind the film did. For example – how many guys were actually pushed off that cliff… how many horses actually charged at them. Where the physical sets end and the virtual sets begin. Now this is a title that will hit BLU-RAY and HD DVD, but this feature won’t be on the BLU RAY version because – the BLU-RAY machines were not designed with this feature in mind, whereas Warner and oddly, Disney did work with the HD DVD folks to create a player that could take advantage of some pretty crazy features that can happen as the film is playing, to take you beyond just a commentary.


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