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300 - The Ultimate Chick Flic

Category: 300 Reviews
Article Date: June 21, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Kathy Webb

Posted by: stagewomanjen

First off let me just say I originally went to see 300 because my son was interested in it. I thought since it had Gerard Butler in it, who I loved in Dear Frankie, I was sure to at least enjoy his performance.

Was I ever right! Not only do we get to see a bronzed and buff Mr. Butler in a leather Speedo as King Leonidas, but we also get hundreds of other similarly attired attractive men to look at! I read somewhere that the men had makeup applied to their torsos to highlight their abs. That is a job I would kill to have!

The story of the battle of Thermopylae is told by Dilios and played by David Wenham (Lord of the Rings, Better Than Sex) who is also looking mighty yummy here! Dilios starts by telling of the harsh upbringing Leonidas and all the Spartans endure and from there he moves on to the story of the fateful 300. I can't attest to the historical accuracy of the film but with all these lovely half naked men running around who could possibly care!

Men will love 300 just as much as women for the action, the blood, and the mid air dance of the naked oracle. In fact this film is loaded with non stop action that when combined with the sepia tones, the music, and the slow motion blood splatters give it a wonderfully artistic feel. And lets face it Spartans make the coolest soldiers!

All in all 300 is loads of fun for both women and men with nary a pretty boy to be found. Well there is maybe one exception to this, the golden man-god Xerxes, but as he is the bad boy that does not bother me much. This movie is showing at bargain theatres across the country so if you missed it in its first run here is your chance! I recently saw this movie again, by myself this time, and I found I liked 300 even more the second time around. As the credits began to run I noticed a curious thing this time, the theatre was mostly filled with middle aged women, several young men too, but the bulk of the audience were females over the age of forty. I myself cannot wait for the DVD release. Just think of all the frame by frame scanning I will be able to do!


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