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Gerard Butler @ Live Earth (Blog)

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: July 7, 2007 | Publication: Just Jared | Author: Staff
Source: Just Jared

Posted by: DaisyMay

Scottish stud Gerard Butler introduces a band during the Live Earth London concert, at Wembley Stadium on Saturday in London, England.

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07, bringing together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

The 300 star has been busy filming the Guy Ritchie-directed film RocknRolla. Gerard stars as a One Two, a street-smart mobster who has learned to play both sides of the fence.

And is it just me or did Gerry grow a massive birth mark on his left earlobe overnight? He didnít have this mysterious marking on his ear a month ago! See Gerry at the MTV Movie Awards last month.


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