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Article Date: August 18, 2007 | Publication: The Herald Magazine (Glasgow) | Author: Elizabeth McMeekin
Source: The Herald

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The winner of The Herald Fashion Icon Award at the 2007 Scottish Fashion Awards will be decided by you' We have drawn up a list of Scotland's 10 most stylish people, but which becomes The Herald's Fashion Icon depends on your votes'

KIRSTY HUME As a model, Hume is known for her elegant, often ethereal style, and knows how to look good for the cameras without the help of stylists and designers. You only have to think of the monochrome dress she wore to the Scottish Fashion Awards last year to recognise her fashion abilities.

SHARLEEN SPITERI The Texas singer and former hairdresser has always been in control of her appearance.

From that stylish hairdo to those sharp on-stage outfits - she even made pregnancy look chic with a series of wraparound tops - Spiteri knows what it takes to look good.

KIRSTY YOUNG Young has brought a new kind of glamour and femininity to serious broadcasting. Her sharp suits and good eye for tailoring have earned her brownie points among the fashion set. Young is also no stranger to the red carpet, and knows how to wear a floor-length dress with the best of them.

SHIRLEY MANSON Manson has cultivated one of the most iconic images in modern music, with her flame-red hair matched by scarlet lipstick and vampish clothes. With more image changes than a chameleon under her belt, look for Manson to present a new look with the forthcoming release of a solo album.

KATIE LEUNG Although the youngest member of our top 10 at just 20 years old, Leung certainly isn't lagging behind in the style stakes. After starring as Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Leung became a favourite on trend-spotting fashion websites thanks to her expertly chosen wardrobe.

PAULO NUTINI The Paisley-born singer often looks like he's making more of an anti-fashion statement than following trends. Nevertheless, this rising star's easy-going approach to clothes has made his wardrobe one of the most imitated in pop, with its checked shirts, baggy trousers and array of T-shirts.

GERARD BUTLER Perhaps more famous for fighting with most of his clothes off in the film 300 than his sartorial talents, Butler is nonetheless one of the most stylish gents to have come out of Scotland in the last few years. His red-carpet style is Russell Crowe meets James Bond, a blend that's winning over fashion fans.

ASHLEY JENSEN Scotland's answer to Sarah Jessica Parker, Jensen is impressing the US in her role as the ambitious seamstress Christina McKinney in Ugly Betty. Offscreen, the actress is renowned for her simple and elegant style and is often seen wearing chic LBDs on the red carpet.

ATTA YAQUB Young, talented, looks very good in a suit. That should be Yaqub's tagline. The Scottish actor cum model, best known for his role in Ken Loach's film Ae Fond Kiss, is practically an expert at looking good for the cameras.

He is also one of the few men who can look elegant in a kilt.

CALVIN HARRIS In case you haven't heard, Harris was born in the eighties. He also created disco, if you believe the title of his first album. With the bug-eyed sunglasses and the slogan T-shirts, Harris can do no wrong. He is part of a club-culture fashion trend that continues to mesmerise Scotland's youth.

To vote for your fashion icon e-mail your name, address and the name of your nomination to using "Fashion Icon" in the subject title. All votes must be received by noon on August 31.

Only one vote per person. All votes will be collated and counted and the winner announced at the Scottish Fashion Awards on September 9.


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