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Hollywood to meet Hinchbrook Island

Category: Nim's Island News
Article Date: August 22, 2007 | Publication: ABC News (Australia) | Author: editors
Source: ABC News (Australia)

Posted by: admin

Queensland's Environment Protection Agency (EPA) says filming next month on the world heritage listed Hinchinbrook Island is to be strictly managed.

Cast and crew of the movie production Nim's Island will arrive in north Queensland towards the end of next month.

The film, based on Wendy Orr's book, tells the story of a young girl who lives on an isolated island with her scientist father.

The cast, including Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin, have already begun work on the Gold Coast but the production will move to Hinchinbrook Island for two weeks from September 24.

The EPA says the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has not yet provided a permit for filming, but it has had lengthy discussions with the production's location manager and environmental consultants.

A spokesman says use of the Island will be limited and strictly managed and the agency is confident the production will not impact upon the island's world heritage values.


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