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Trailer: PS I Love You (Blog)

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: September 20, 2007 | Publication: Film School Rejects | Author: Neil Miller
Source: Film School Rejects

Posted by: DaisyMay

Here is a trailer that is sure to get my mother all up in arms. Why, you ask? Because she is an avid fan of actor Gerard Butler, who stars alongside Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You, a romantic dramedy about a young widow (Swank) who receives letters from her late husband (Butler) with specific tasks for how she should live out the rest of her life. Up until the release of 300, moms was content with the fact that the rest of the USA had no idea who Gerard Butler was, and much to her disappointment, it didnít stay that way for long. Now we get this film as his foray into the world of being a serious American romantic lead, with an accent of course.

The story is rather creepy, in a way. The guy must have know that he was going to kick the bucket, and he went through the trouble of writing out a bunch of letters to his widow? Just like Catch & Release earlier this year, this one probably delivers heavily on suck factor. But then again, Iím willing to give this one a chance thanks to Mr. Butler, who can do no wrong after his role in 300 and Dear Frankie. Thatís right, Dear Frankie ladies and gentlemen. Alas, do enjoy the trailer below and feel free to formulate your own opinions.

P.S. Gerard, my mom loves youÖ


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