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Thandie Newton and the wise Guy

Category: RockNRolla News
Article Date: September 29, 2007 | Publication: Mail on Sunday | Author: KATIE NICHOLL
Source: Mail on Sunday

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Many people have been less than kind about the work of director Guy Ritchie, but A-list actress Thandie Newton has no doubts about the calibre of his films.

BAFTA-winner Thandie has just finished working on Guy's new movie RocknRolla - and was so impressed with his skills she immediately signed up for two sequels.

"Guy wants to make it into a trilogy," Thandie, 35, told me at the Pioneer KURO black-screen party at Claridge's in London.

"I love working with him. He is the best director in his genre.

"Madonna was on set a lot with the children. We all spent a lot of time together."


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