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Top Actors Alive ---- And Still Working Hard (Blog)

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: October 18, 2007 | Publication: General Buzz | Author: W.R.
Source: General Buzz

Posted by: DaisyMay

We all know of some of the great lead actors that have become house hold names and faces over the years. We've watched them age from character to character, and over time they no longer act for the character but are being paid to be their stage character. An iconic example of this is Christopher Walken, Robert De Nero, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson. They are all talented and successful actors, but these are the the actors which in these last few years I believe have climbed to the top.

It is impossible to say who is number one based on talent only box office appeal, and there is not a #1-#5 top actor and if I missed a couple that you feel should be on the list then please put in your opinion.

Top Actors

Javier Bardem

a spanish/english actor, although you may not know who he is, he has recieved 40 awards from around the world including a nomination for best actor. I recomend looking at his resume and watching any movie you can.

Christian Bale

Cillian Murphy ( and no I'm not just a huge batman fan)

Terrence Howard

Johnny Depp

Gerard Butler

Sean Penn

What makes these actors different than any others is the fact that they have a talent of dropping who they are and becoming a completely different person. They transform themselves for the role and they don't let the role transform into them.

I could be completely mad... but you can't dispute the quality of films which these actors continue to be a part of.



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