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A bit of 'Twin Action' for Gerard Butler?

Category: Gamer Reviews
Article Date: October 18, 2007 | Publication: MovieHole | Author: Clint Morris
Source: MovieHole.Net

Posted by: admin

A casting notice went out to agents today asking reps to put forward their best “twins”.

Two "Retardedly hot," 21-year-old females are needed for a pivotal scene in the new Gerard Butler pic, “Game”.

The characters are described as being ''horny trouble makers that pop up on Simon's screens wanting to chat with the young computer genius who controls Kable”. And good news for us/bad news for their parents…. Nudity is required.

Directed by Neveldine & Taylor, “Game” is a non-stop action thriller set in a dystopian near future where live human beings are remote-controlled in mass-scale, multiplayer games


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