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New film creates Container City on Silver Avenue

Category: Gamer News
Article Date: October 18, 2007 | Publication: New Mexico Business Weekly | Author: Megan Kamerick
Source: New Mexico Business Weekly

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If you've been wondering about that odd-looking structure of cargo containers rising on Silver Avenue between Second and Fourth streets Downtown, it's all because Albuquerque's got "Game."

That's the new film that will star Gerard Butler, headliner of the blockbuster film "300." Michael Umble, publicist for the film, says he realizes that there can be some tension when movies take over parts of cities, sometimes restricting access to streets. But, he adds, the production will do about $11 million in local spending during the shoot.

"Game" is an action thriller that takes place in a not-too-distant future. A top-rated television show pits prison convicts against each other in a militaristic game. Butler plays John Tillman, framed and imprisoned for life for a crime he didn't commit. He must participate in "The Game" to win release.

A release from the New Mexico Film Office describes Butler's character as someone with military training and natural physical prowess, similar to the character he portrayed in "300."

Umble says the structure underway on Silver, which includes two 3-story wooden frames and an untold number of cargo containers, will simply be called Container City and is a futuristic housing project for the down-and-out in the film's unnamed urban milieu. It will be used for shooting periodically over the next two months. Currently, that part of Silver is closed to traffic and Umble says the production has worked with local film officials to make sure there are alternate access routes. The production schedule is structured so that a good portion of the shooting will be done on weekends, he says.

The film is being produced by Lakeshore Entertainment Production and Albuquerque resident David Rubin. It will hire about 182 New Mexico crew members. Umble says they will also hire at least 2,000 local extras. The writer director team is Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Richard Wright and Skip Williamson will produce.


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