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Gerard Butler Really Escapes from New York (Blog)

Category: Escape from New York News (Archived)
Article Date: October 31, 2007 | Publication: The Big Picture | Author: Staff
Source: The Big Picture

Posted by: DaisyMay

Walking away from projects is suddenly the new putting on weight for a role in Hollywood. Last week, Ryan Gosling bounced out of Lovely Bones and now Gerard Butler has flown the coop on Escape from New York.

Within weeks of his smashing success in 300, Butler inked a deal to revise the role of Snake Plissken, made famous by Kurt Russell.

Creative differences are to blame for the departure, ironic considering that remaking a classic movie denotes a certain lack of creativity in the first place. According to Variety, New Line is movie ahead with the remake, however, bringing in T3 director Jonathan Mostow to punch up the script and possibly direct.

But if Mostow is really the guy you'd call, why not just let him come up with his own movie instead of a retread? Maybe the studio could cast Gerard Butler in that and we wouldn't need to be having this conversation.

Just a thought.


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