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Article Date: February 27, 2001 | Publication: The Sun | Author: Myles McEntee

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Irish Sun on Pounds 100m film set

Star warms to Irish climate

ICE-COOL actress Izabella Scorupco is raising the heat on the set of Ireland's biggest movie blockbuster.

The Polish blonde spoke yesterday of her blossoming romance with our drab cloud cover and chilly conditions.

She said they gave "a perfect backdrop" to the Pounds 100 million film Reign of Fire.

"I'm Swedish-based so I don't feel the cold -in fact it's quite warm here."

The 30-year-old smiled as co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale shivered during a break in filming at Co Wicklow's Ardmore Studios.

Excited And the Vertical Limit star said she had been looking forward to her visit after appearing opposite Irish hunk Pierce Brosnan in the 007 film GoldenEye.

"I wish he'd given me a bit more advice about what to expect but the Irish are the nicest people I know," cooed Izabella.

"I arrived here three weeks ago and we'll be working until June.

"I am so excited about this film but I'm also looking forward to seeing some of the country and getting some shopping in."

And brooding McConaughey promised the movie would feel "as real as it is scary".

The star who is hoping to trace his Irish roots during his stay, smiled wryly as he told how his fame did not impress the locals.

"I find the Irish just as I was told they would be -very straight, very direct and willing to take the **** out of you, no problem," he said.

"No one is intrusive even when they recognise you. I go to the old gym and the pub where you hear all the stories.

"You guys are great story-tellers," he laughed.

"I'm just knocked out by the friendliness -I feel very comfortable here."

Shooting of the futuristic action adventure began earlier this month on an eye-catching set in the Wicklow Mountains around Glendalough. Dublin and the North are also to be used.

The movie-makers expect to spend a whopping Pounds 40million of their budget in this country.

Dragons "It's the biggest-scale project in Ireland since Braveheart and exceeds the effort even put into that," explained executive producer Ned Dowd.

"It a post-apocalyptic drama on a Mad Max scale set in 2030 when dragons are over-running earth and the last remaining humans fight desperately for survival.

"It's a very labour intensive project with huge construction at four major sites, but we've got the skills here and the locations are beautiful for us."

Ned said Ireland fought off competition from Australia, Hollywood and even Mexico.

Director Rob Bowman said they had found the perfect environment to create a surreal world "fit for dragons".

It will take about 20 weeks to complete the Irish filming and the release date is set for later this year.



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