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Is Gerard Butler The Pirate in Watchmen? (Blog)

Category: Watchmen/Tales of the Black Freighter News
Article Date: December 8, 2007 | Publication: Moviesonline | Author: Michael
Source: Moviesonline

Posted by: DaisyMay

At a recent LA Press Junket Sheila Roberts sat down and talked with Gerard Butler one of my favorite actors and one of the key things that was touched on was the upcoming Watchmen Movie and is he or is he not going to be playing The Pirate. The answer right from Gerard is a long and complicated one, quote;

You know, Iíll tell you, I donít know. Zackís crazy, so am I, so itís funny because Ė thereís a man who I set in gear too because I was a big part of 300 but everything Ė thatís Zackís movie, it was his genius that made 300 what it was and it was a great marriage between the two of us, and I was in a great position where Iíd love to have jumped into the Watchmen and done something but Iíd plenty to be doing on my own as well, and Iíve already done the graphic novel film so for me not to go and do another one is fine, but I would love to work with Zack again.

But that role has been on and off and on and off, and the funny thing is we havenít even talk about it for a while but I keep hearing rumors, Zackís going to give you a call, but I know heís busy, but itís like one minute the role was cut because of budget, then it was back in, then it was cut, so I keep hearing, ĎHeís going to call you, oh, maybe not. Heís going to call you.í And then my stuntman whoís on my film, the one in New Mexico, just went up there, he just text me and said, ĎOh Zackís giving you a call because he wants you to do that role.í

So I have no idea. I think right now theyíre so caught up with the main body of the film that I guess they probably donít even know if theyíre going to do that or not, but if my schedule permits, because I donít finish my film until the end of January, but I think theyíre still going, so if itís around and I do it, Iíd love to go up there Ė it would be really cool to get back on a set with Zack.

Look for Sheila's indepth interview with Gerard later in the week!


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