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'300' Blu-ray Disc Wins HD Title of the Year (Blog)

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Article Date: December 12, 2007 | Publication: Sync | Author: Marc Saltzman
Source: Sync

Posted by: DaisyMay

December 12, 2007
'300' Blu-ray disc wins HD title of the year
Marc Saltzman at 8:08 PM | E-mail this post

Presented last week at the inaugural High-Def 2.0 Conference in Los Angeles a one-day event put on by Home Media Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and the Entertainment Merchants Association -- the Blu-ray Disc version of Warner Home Video's blockbuster epic "300" won the High-Def Title of the Year.

"We're delighted," said Dan Silverberg, vice president of High-Definition Media for Warner Bros. "300 was a huge success at the box office. It's been a huge success since being released on disc, and it's gratifying to see it singled out for recognition by the critics and bloggers who selected the winners for these awards."

Blu-ray titles captured seven of the 11 categories.

All high-def discs released since the inception of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD were eligible.


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