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Keep Tissues Handy for P.S. I Love You Trailer

Category: P.S. I Love You Reviews
Article Date: December 20, 2007 | Publication: | Author: Editor

Posted by: stagewomanjen

It's Million Dollar Cry Baby. P.S. I Love You is the most potent tear jerker since The Notebook. It's not as profound or skillful, but there certainly hasn't been anything that makes you so happy to cry since then.

Right away they open with an adorable argument, where the couple tells us all their issues as they take jibes that would never come across as cute in a real fight. Still, you sense their tender passion, even with their fake closed mouth kisses.

It gets right to the death with the funeral coming right away. Already it's upbeat. Growing up, I used to have a philosophy that you should never show a funeral in a comedy because it does nothing to lighten the mood. This came from Sleepless in Seattle. Tommy Boy already forced me to rethink that so by now, this funeral is downright joyful.

Her mourning feels real and touching. A person who lost the love of their life would cling to whatever remaining tidbits of him existed. Her mourning does lead her to sing into a TV remote, which is another movie pet peeve of mine. Turning household objects into fake microphones, ugh.

Even things that are totally obvious work. Seeing Gerard Butler in scenes where she's just feeling his presence is a clear visual cue to easily make the audience feel his hotness instead of having to interpret it. When a crowded room clears out except for him, we know it's just her imagination but we get it.

Everyone gets exactly what they said they wanted in act one. You laugh at Lisa Kudrow's questions for dating prospects, but I think she's onto something. Cut through all the bullsh*t before you waste one minute of time. Harry Connick, Jr.'s totally inappropriate dialogue could be edgier but it still peppers the schmaltz with a healthy dose of reality.

They do end the film by resolving the life issues more than the romantic ones. It's still a studio movie, so it's not like she actually has to accept being alone, but they come as close to that as possible and still sell tickets.

At two full hours, it's way longer than this story needs to be. I got it about 20 minutes before it wrapped, but there are worse problems. It's like a happy Saw with all the clues and schemes. Let them quote me on that.


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