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N2DVD takes our best look at the REIGN OF FIRE trailer!

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Article Date: April 15, 2002 | Publication: Ain't It Cool News | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

Hey Harry here with our buddy N2DVD with a more complete look at his experience with the REIGN OF FIRE trailer. To say I'm dying to see this trailer is an understatement. I'm scared of getting excited for this movie. Years ago on this site, I fell head over heels in love with the idea of DRAGONHEART, only to receive a bloody nose of disappointment and heartbreak. Now sure, one bad dragon movie a genre makes isn't right. Yes, these are all different people. Yes, Rob Bowman is a wonderful director that has never been given the right film project to shoot yet. Matthew does look creepy weird in this film. The stills that have been out all look creepy and nasty. And I've known nobody that would talk about the look of these frickin dragons. UNTIL NOW. The trailer, which I can only hope is days from coming to my computer screen, seems to be attached to SCORPION KING and man... That Tuesday screening Scorpion King can't get here soon enough. Here's N2DVD's rundown of the trailer....
Harry, thanks for posting my "Scorpion King" review yesterday.

I'm still in awe of I saw in the "Reign of Fire" trailer last night, but I'll try to recall it to the best of my knowledge. Some of the details are a little fuzzy, but hopefully this will give the flavor of the trailer. I know it go the biggest reaction from the military audience that saw it with me.

The trailer opens with this kid walking down the street in sunny London, 2028 or 2038. There's obviously some sort of construction work going on with the Underground (London subway). The kid approaches this green-tinted pebbled surface that has been uncovered by the work. He leans over and tentatively touches it...

A title card comes up that says something to the effect of: from the writer and producer of the X-Files... (I probably got some of that wrong..)

A voiceover begin speaking out about powerful creatures that are older than the dinosaurs. It was about this time that I realized what the trailer was about and kind of lost track of what the voiceover was saying.. I remember a shot of a guy reaching into a large creature, and pulling out what could have been an translucent egg or maybe a heart...

Cut to: shots a city in ruins, some years in the future. A man is walking in between these massive shapes, that we soon see are the heads of slain dragons.

Many atmospheric shots, straight out of Aliens. Soldiers hunting, or being hunted, by something. Swooping shadows...

And then, DRAGONS, flying, swooping... One lands and blasts away with fire, as its target jumps over a wall to safety.

A shot of a group of kids, dirty, frightened from living under that shadow of the dragons.

We get the impression that there's a final, massive effort by the human forces to take back what's left of the world. Men with rifles on horseback. Surface to air missiles being fired at a dragon thats obviously been led into a trap. Lines of tank, headed into battle. Helicopters, and some kind of stunt involving skydivers as bait. (At least, that's what it seemed like to me.)

One main character rallying the troops "These are not magical creatures. They are flesh and blood..." and something about removing their hearts. Too cool.

And the dragons... Vermithrax Penjorative (DRAGONSLAYER) times 10. We only see three or four in the trailer, but there's no doubt as to how big, or dangerous they are, or what they look like.

I hope this trailer hits the net soon, along with pics of the dragon-slaying action...

Once again, I'm N2DVD....


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