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PS, $40m is all the love Cecelia needs

Category: P.S. I Love You News
Article Date: January 11, 2008 | Publication: Irish Independent | Author: John Spain
Source: Irish Independent

Posted by: admin

Cecelia Ahern's agent has lashed out at critics after the movie of the book 'PS, I Love You' passed the $40m mark at the global box office.

And after sniping from some US critics, there was more good news for Ms Ahern when her TV show 'Samantha Who?' won a major award.

Ahern's literary agent Marianne Gunne O'Connor said yesterday that the box office returns were "particularly gratifying" given some of the negative comments that had been made by a minority of critics in the US about the movie.

'PS, I Love You' was released in the US before Christmas and the cumulative box office returns there for the first three weeks were $39,202,724. By now it has passed the $40m mark and, according to Gunne O'Connor, Warner Brothers are predicting that it will reach $60m.

"The critics are entitled to say what they want," Gunne O'Connor said yesterday, "but what some people are overlooking is that the movie has been a significant commercial success in the US and also in the UK and Ireland."

In its second week of release in the US the movie was ranked at number 6 in the Top 10 box office movies for that week.

Warner Brothers are releasing the movie in 20 countries, including Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Turkey and Egypt, as well as the US, the UK and Ireland.

The other good news for Ahern this week was that the TV show she created for ABC television, 'Samantha Who?' won an important award in the US on Tuesday night. It was one of five shows nominated in the Favourite New TV Comedy category in the annual People's Choice Awards and on Tuesday night it was named as the winner, beating two other of this season's hit TV shows, 'Aliens in America' and 'Back to You'.

Marianne Gunne O'Connor said yesterday that this was further evidence "of the way Cecelia's work reaches out and touches people. It is a unique quality she has that is not recognised enough."

The annual People's Choice Awards are one of the most important awards in the US each year in film, television and music. The awards have been running for over 30 years and, as the name implies, the winners are chosen by public vote. Around 10 million people voted this year in a process that is vetted by Gallup.

The usual live broadcast on CBS of the awards ceremony had to be dropped because of the ongoing writers' strike.


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