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On the set of "Game" with Gerard Butler, Amber Valetta, and Efren Ramirez...

Category: Gamer News
Article Date: January 14, 2008 | Publication: Oh No They Didn't | Author: Liz
Source: Oh No They Didn't

Posted by: admin

So I saw that you guys had the poster for Game up, so I figure I'll share with you some pictures I have from the set. I played a raver in a huge rave/club scene. We just shot this about two days ago... there'll be tons of blood and tons of boobs.

A few things... Gerry is super nice, was cracking jokes the entire time, really personable.

Amber was quiet and observant, also nice.

Efren Ramirez had SO many groupies, and spent the day getting phone numbers from them. A friend and I overheard him telling two girls, "Under one condition, that you both sleep with me..."

Amber and Gerry were VERY touchy with each other....

Pics galore (Sorry for the bad quality, I could only take them with my cellphone when people weren't looking... we weren't supposed to have cameras on set.)

Click link above to view pics.


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