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Armchair Movie Review: Shattered

Category: Shattered Reviews
Article Date: January 15, 2008 | Publication: | Author: Cynthia Justlin

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Synopsis (from Neil (Gerard Butler) and Abby (Maria Bello) have a perfect marriage and a worry-free life until their young daughter goes missing and a strange gunman (Pierce Brosnan) named Ryan shows up. Clearly masterminding the kidnapping, Ryan insists the couple perform various tasks for him in order to protect their child from any harm. After they’ve committed to multiple, strenuous orders, Ryan escalates to a request that may be impossible to fulfill.

Though the movie is comprised of big name actors (Butler & Brosnan), I had never heard of it before seeing it at the Redbox rental kiosk. It looked interesting and I was in the mood for a big thriller type movie, so we decided to give it a chance.

Given my love of suspense, it is no wonder that I found this movie highly enjoyable. Maria Bello and Gerard Butler play convincing parents who are terrified for their daughter’s safety when a quiet, crazed, gunman (Brosnan) tells them he has their daughter and they must do exactly what he says if they hope to see her alive. Viewers are kept guessing as to the gunman’s motive as he gives them increasingly strange (and more dangerous) demands, and it isn’t until the final few scenes that all the threads are brought together in a satisfying conclusion. The many plot twists and turns keep you guessing (though my husband and I both had a hunch what the big twist at the end was going to be). I especially enjoyed seeing Brosnan play the villain after his James Bond days, and the fact that all the characters straddled the line between good and bad was interesting as well.


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