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Hired Onto Nim's Island at CafeFX (Blog)

Category: Nim's Island News
Article Date: January 20, 2008 | Publication: Jordan | Author: Jordan Freda
Source: Jordan

Posted by: DaisyMay

Soon after being informed I would be working on John Woo’s Red Cliff, I was also asked by visual effects producer Joel Mendiaz to do some Roto/Paint work on Nim’s Island for a few weeks while the plates for Red Cliff come in to the company. So as of now, for the next 3 weeks or so I will be working on this film and doing finishing touches on John Adams HBO mini series as that finishes up. Its going to be a busy time, but im excited.

I have uploaded the trailer to my site, you can view it by clicking play below:

To view the trailer click on blog link above and then click on play


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