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The Ugly Truth For Gerard Butler

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Article Date: January 30, 2008 | Publication: Empire Movie News | Author: Tom Ambrose

Posted by: maryp

Gerard Butler and the word ‘ugly’ appearing in the same sentence? Couldn’t possibly happen, right, ladies? Well, you’ll be seeing it occur much more often in future after Oor Gerry signed on to star in the new comedy, The Ugly Truth.

The Scottish actor and, if Helen has her way, the future Mr. Butler-O'Hara, will star alongside America’s current screen queen, Katherine Heigl, in the film, which is being described as a classic battle of the sexes comedy.

Butler will play Mike Alexander, host of a TV segment entitled The Ugly Truth. A chauvinist at heart, Alexander forces his singleton producer (Heigl) to undergo a series of outlandish experiments which he hopes will prove his theories on relationships, and help her find love.

We caught up briefly with Butler over the weekend, and he was jazzed enough about the project to tell us this. “I’m excited about that. Recently I’ve done a bit of comedy, but this is a full-on romantic comedy.”

OK, so he wasn’t exactly flooding us with detail, but it’ll still be nice to see Butler attempt another change of pace – he’s just finished filming on Game, the action-packed thriller from Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, directors of Crank, and so will understandably be looking to calm things down.

He’s in good hands, too. Everything Heigl touches turns to gold right now (not literally – don’t run up to her with an ashtray or something, expecting to coin it in), while the film will be directed by Robert Luketic, who’s got form in this area with Legally Blonde.

The Lakeshore Entertainment film is set to shoot in April, with Sony distributing worldwide.


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